For companies

8 classes – 6400 rub (60 min)
8 classes – 12400 rub (135 min)
Feel comfortable abroad in any situation!

- Basic grammar is explained with easy life examples

- We focus a lot on speaking and listening, this way you will not face language problems while traveling.
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Conversation club
1 month tuition (8 classes) – from 5400 rub.
Scared of speaking with foreigners?
You understand what they say but can't say anything back?

Classes are taught by native speakers. They will help you develop your speaking skills, expand your vocabulary and get rid of the language barrier.
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1 month tuition (8 classes) – from 8800 rub.
Our qualified teachers with international teaching experience will help you develop your skills for every part of the exam, expand your vocabulary and grammar.
It is a complex exam preparation. We will work with the exam format itself and some particularly challenging parts.
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Location 1 – 2a Krasnaya Sosna st.
Location 2 – 7 Budaysky lane
Location 3 – 13 Selskokhozaystvennaya st
Location 4 – 40 Korneychuka st.
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