Baby Englisher

For children aged 3-6 y.o.

- Full language exposure through games with creative tasks, media and other kinds of technologies.

- The classes are conducted based on one of the best books for pre-schoolers – Playway to English. The book helps not only with the language, but also with discovering the world around them. In the book, students meet Max and his friends with the help of pictures, videos, audo, and learn to speak English.

During classes students play, draw and solve simple logical tasks
1 month tuition (8 classes) – 5400 rub

Ace your homework
For school students aged 7 to 18 y.o.

- We will help you with things you forgot, expand grammar and vocabulary knowledge, increase motivation to learn the language. The teacher pay a lot of attention to speaking, developing listening skills and understanding other speakers. The program is based on books published by Cambridge University Press.

The books is designed for preparation to school or primary school. The children will learn to speak English, read, write and make simple sentences.

English in Mind
The book is designed for secondary school, it contains all the necessary grammar, vocabulary, and also chapter which will help you understand the culture of the English speaking countries better.
1 month tuition (8 classes) – from 5400 rub.

Conversational club
Only native speakers with perfect pronunciation, pedagogical education and teaching work experience. You will speak a lot and play creative games which will help you develop your speaking skills.

We accept all students regardless their language level. The students will develop conversational skills and will be exposed to the language. You will learn how:

- Get rid of the language barrier
- Practice natural conversation
- Expand your vocabulary
4 classes – 3200 rub.

Individual classes
Individual classes are the most effective and convenient way of studying if you need an individual schedule and you have some specific tasks. The program is designed to meet your requirements and will help you achieve your goals:

- Get rid of the language barrier
- Help with the school curriculum
- Increase motivation
- Help with Russian state exams and international exams

How we build the course:
- Placement test
- Establishing the goal of the course
- Creating the curriculum
- Creating the schedule and frequency of classes

We focus on all the language aspects during classes: grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Individual classes help you correct your curriculum based on your needs at any time.
1500 rub – native speaker
1200 rub – local teacher

We offer 2 classes for beginners: for children and adults. If you want to learn one of the most prospective and interesting languages of the world, discover the traditions and culture of China or planning on visiting it, then this course is made for you!

The teacher will help you understand the intonation of the language and make sure you pronounce everything correctly. Our students will start speaking the language during classes easily because we offer comfortable and friendly learning environment.

The sounds of European languages and the sounds of Chinese are very different that is why our teachers will help every student understand the tonal system and the features of articulation to make sure everybody pronounces the new vocabulary correctly.

We practice new vocabulary both orally and in writing using special tracing books. Our students will learn to recognize, read and write Chinese characters.

The course will help you understand the Chinese culture and customs better, as well as introduce you to the etiquette and traditional rules.
1 month tuition (8 classes) from 6400 rub