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Our teachers have taught over 4000 students who now are students of British International School, go to colleges of Canada, Italy and China, work at Russian and international companies such as Viber, ExxonMobil, Danone, Nestle, Mars, Rosneft, Gazprombank, Lukoil, etc, and travel the world easily.

We help with exam preparation: OGE 98 points, EGE 94 points, international exams IELTS 8.0, TOEFL 110, CAE pass A.

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Our teachers
Attentive and professional, they will expose you to the English language with the help of modern methodology and exercises.
  • Matthew
    Native speaker
    Boston college, CELTA
  • Ksenia
    English teacher of the International Teachers' Association
    George Washington University (Washington, D.C., USA), Moscow State Univeristy, CELTA, TKT, CAE, BULATS – Business English
  • Erik
    Native speaker
    University of Texas at Arlington, TEFL/TESOL Certificate
  • Inna
    Native speaker
    University of Maryland, TESOL Certificate
  • Tatiana
    Native speaker
    University of Vermont, Burlington, VT. BA in Russian and Asian Studies
  • Nadezhda
    English Teacher
    Samara State Univeristy, CELTA Pass A – International Training Institute, Istanbul

  • Anna
    English Teacher
    Moscow Capital University of Translators
    Course in Advanced Methodology, CELTA, TKT, TKT YL, CAE
  • Alexandra
    English Teacher
    Moscow State Open University, Moscow, CELTA
  • Olga
    English Teacher
    Moscow City Pedagogical University, Foreign languages department, linguist, English and Italian languages teacher
  • Miro
    English Teacher
    Moscow State Linguistics University, University of Bath, UK
  • Philipp
    English Teacher
    American University, Bulgaria, TEFL/TESOL Certificate
  • Anna
    English Teacher
    Moscow State Linguistics University, Delfin English School, Ireland
  • Tatiana
    Chinese Teacher
    University of Inner Mongolia Province, China, HSK - 5

  • Tatiana
    French Teacher
    Moscow University of Linguistics, Moscow Humanitarian Technical Academy
About Englisher
  • 1
  • 2
    14 qualified teacher, including native speakers
  • 3
    Small groups (2-6 people)
  • 4
    - Rostokino
    - VDNKH
    - Yaroslavskoye highway
    - Bibirevo
  • 5
    Over 120 students
    From 2.5 to 55 years old
  • 6
    We monitor the progress of every student
    International exam preparation
    Partnership with international school
  • We started classes in September 2018. My son was 7 and a complete beginner. Within this time he learned to read, write and count till 20. I'm more than just satisfied with the result. I fully understand what my child will achieve by the end of the course. This means high quality work. The teacher Elmira is focused on the result, after every lesson she points out strengths and areas to work on for each student. There is no chance that a child will not learn. Since the groups are small, my son gets a lot of attention, while as well he can see how the other students perform which builds competition. Highly recommended!
    Maria Kuznetsova
    (Egor, 8 y.o.)
  • A big thank you to Englisher! Our fantastic teacher Elmira established rapport with my child, who is very shy. My daughter loves the classes, where she doesn't do routine classes, instead they do creative tasks and logical activities. The teacher speaks only English during classes, no Russian at all (only with parents).
    Natalia Kholodnova
    (Alisa, 5 y.o.)
  • I want to thank our favorite teacher Miro. My child runs to classes, he doesn't want to skip a class or pretend to have a stomachache JBefore we started classes at Englisher, and before we met Miro, my son studied Englisher for a year with, unfortunately, no result. Now he can pronounce things a lot better, he expanded his vocabulary, he can understand speech better. I see that Miro wants to see the result of his students, that he cares about everyone who is struggling, always gives recommendations how to memorize vocabulary, how to study the language with your children and not make it a burden. Miro, Dima (my son) is becoming a better English speaker thanks to you. Ksenia, Miro, thank you very much for your work!
    Natalia Shegay
    (Dina Shin 8 y.o.)
  • My oldest daughters Sophia (12 y.o.) and Varvara (7 y.o.) were attending this school this year. Next year I am planning to take my youngest there (4 y.o.). I am very satisfied with the courses. Firstly, it is very important for me that my children enjoy classes and want to go to their teacher. My girls are very happy with their teachers Ksenia and Elmira. I'm very happy that the lesson are conducted in English only even with beginners.

    My oldest daughter is making a lot of progress, now she can write simple essays on her own, English at school is easier for her now. The courses help her a lot, and not only to improve her English, but also to improve her speaking skills because the groups are very small.

    The younger one is not doing as smoothly. The first year of school with the English classes on top, it is a lot to take at once. But she is already showing some results, she has learned a lot of words, she can spell them, which is, in my opinion, a great achievement for the first year. Now when she's listening to music on the radio, she recognizes some words and asks for the translation of the ones she doesn't know. The courses made her love the language, which is pretty important at the beginning of learning. She's sometimes lazy when she needs to do her homework, but we're working on that.

    I also like the idea of having extra classes with a native speaker.

    A very important thing for me as well is that the school is right in our district, it is very convenient.

    Tatiana Knyazeva
    (Sophia 12 y.o., Varvara 7 y.o.)
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